Klaipėda - the third largest city of Lithuania - is situated in the Western part of the country. It city covers 98,35 square kilometers.

It is an ice-free port with favourable geographical position (55o 43' North latitude, 21o 07' East longitude) on the coast of the Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon, within close distance to other Baltic sea ports: Kaliningrad (Russia) and Riga (Latvia).

The town was founded in 1252, when the Livonian Order, after occupying the coastal lands of the Balts, built a wooden castle at the mouth of the Dane river and called it Memelburg.

By the end of the II world war, the town was heavily damaged; the greater part of the Old Town was destroyed and few inhabitants remained. During the years of Soviet power (1945-90), the churches and also the many other valuable buildings, were reconstructed. Klaipeda was turned into an industrial town; it expanded and far overstepped its ancient borders. The remaining and restored Old Town preserved its old-time spirit and charm. At present, Klaipeda with its population of 205,000, ranks third among the towns of Lithuania and is one of the most important towns of the Republic with an ice-free port, stretching for 15 km along the coast of the Curonian lagoon. It is an important sea transport centre with an international ferry port.

The town has a university, music and drama theatres, museums, libraries, concert halls, culture centres, an Art Exhibition Palace, and galleries, as well as a park of sculptures, the carillon and many other historical and cultural monuments. The Old Town, with its beautiful Teatro Square, is very distinctive and inviting.


By its old architecture the seaport is closer to the northern countries. Some of the buildings that have survived in the cosy Old Town have a pronounced Fachwerk style. Modern elements can also be traced.


Klaipėda cherishes nice marine traditions - it hosts the Sea Festival on the last weekend of July every year since 1934. This event includes a number of performances of artistic companies and craftsmen’s fairs. The festival attracts many participants and guests not only from Lithuania but from abroad, too.


The Kopgalis Fort complex, built in the 19th century, houses the Maritime Museum with an attractive exposition of marine nature and the history of navigation. These unique structures also accommodate a rich Aquarium and a Dolphinarium hosting shows of trained dolphins and Californian sea lions, which attract many spectators. Another interesting activity of the museum is dolphin therapy for children with disability.


The Lithuania Minor and Castle Museums house exhibits related to the history of the region; Pranas Domšaitis Gallery stores valuable collections of paintings; the Museums of Clocks and Blacksmith also boast interesting collections. A number of original artworks of the best national sculptors are displayed in Klaipėda Park of Contemporary Sculpture. One can listen to the carillon music concerts given in the tower of the Old Post-office at midday on weekends.

Žuvėdra dance sport ensemble, the most famous artistic company of Klaipėda, is a repeated European and world champion.


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"Green Park Hotel Klaipeda" is a modern economy class 3 *** hotel located in the active seaside area opposite the Curonian Lagoon. While staying in our hotel, you can not only admire the view of the Curonian Spit, but also easily reach the major shopping and entertainment centers, the sports arena and other financial, business institutions. "Green Park Klaipeda" is the best choice for those who value friendly and attentive service.

Address: Minijos St 119, Klaipeda

green park hotel klaipeda fasadas 280x210Green park hotel klaipeda konferenciju sale Juodkrante USHn 280x210green park hotel klaipeda konferenciju sale SmiltyneCLS 280x210

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Hotel Dunetton offers a full range of business and corporate events. We have a well-equipped and modern conference room suitable for organizing seminars, conferences, lectures, trainings, meetings or other events for up to 30 people.

We have provided the latest multimedia, computer and audio technology that allows you to meet the diverse needs of the organizers, speakers and participants.

We prepare coffee breaks, we can offer business, business breakfasts, lunch or dinner, accommodation for participants in hotel apartments. In each case, we arrange individual conference facilities for the preparation of a conference room and equipment for a specific event and an additional set of services.

Address: Juros St 23, Vilnius

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The Concert Agency of Klaipėda Municipality - Klaipėda Concert Hall (KCH) is a new independent concert organization in Klaipėda. It started its activities on the 1st of April in 2005 and has the status of a Concert Agency of Professional Stage Art. General area of the building is about 3000 square metres. It is equipped with a special acoustic system, sound and light technologies designated primarily for the concerts of classic music. There are 600 sitting accomodations, comfortable artists rooms and lounges for the performers. Klaipėda Concert Hall is a good place for conferences and seminars, to organize corporate events and business meetings. The modern and stylish equipped Concert Hall rooms are in the center of Klaipeda.

Address: Šaulių Str. 36, Klaipėda, Lithuania


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Klaipėda University auditoriums and the conference hall block Aula Magna is located on the Klaipėda University Campus, not far from the central street of the city, in the same building which contains the shopping and service centre Studlendas. The location is within easy reach of any part of the city, and there is also a spacious parking lot and this location is well-known in the city. It is the only structurally full-rate university in a large part of Western Lithuania, where a perspective industrial and commercial potential is rallied, where marine complex is developed and distinctive cultural traditions are cherished. It was established for realization of scientific researches and studies in marine topics. Dominant in the University are trends in scientific researches, artistic activity and academic activities, which are not cultivated by other Lithuanian universities. It develops as an autonomous and modern scientific and study centre.
Address: Herkaus Manto Str. 84, LT-922294 Klaipėda, Lithuania
The Lithuanian Sea Museum is located in the most northern point of the Curonian Spit-Kopgalis, where the 98km long Curonian Spit peninsula and the gates of Klaipėda harbour open. During the  second half of the 19th century a defensive coastal stronghold was built and made of a central redoubt, a defensive ditch, and mounds with casemates underneath them for the storage of gunpowder. After the World War II only ruins were left of the stronghold. In 1979 the reconstructed and renovated strong building was reopened as a Marine Museum. This is a multifunctional marine complex in which you can see marine nature and nautical history expositions, aquarium, sea mammals, an ethnographic seaside fisherman's homestead, and also dolphins. There are a dolphin therapy centre, and in the future a marine amusement, recreation and wellness park, will also be established.
Address: Smiltynės Str. 3, LT-93100 Klaipėda, Lithuania


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MEMELIS MANOR is a wonderful rural tourism homestead in a picturesque bend of the river Minija with a beautiful pinewood. At your request, the team of the Manor of Memel can organise conferences, seminars and trainings. THE MANOR OF MEMEL IS A RELIABLE PARTNER AND THE BEST LOCATION FOR YOUR EVENTS OR CELEBRATIONS! 

Memelis Manor is a great place for your holidays, business or entertainment events, as well as sports and leisure entertainment, fishing or fishing events!

Address: Liaunai village, Liaunu sSt 2, Priekule eldership, Klaipeda district

107148 68107148 74107148 77107148 88

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This is the authentic legacy of the marine heritage of Lithuania and a State-protected object involved in the Register of Cultural Heritage. On the Dangės waterfront, near Klaipėda castle court, warehouses (one of them is located in the hotel) - rare buildings in Klaipeda. They are also called Venetian warehouses.

MICHAELSON boutique HOTEL is an amazing, cordial and atypical venue for conferences, training and seminars, presentations of goods and services, and meetings. The hotel's multifunctional space can accommodate up to 30 participants at a time, depending on the nature of the event. You are looking for a place for a larger event of the company - the opportunity to rent and adapt to the needs of the restaurant, the bar, the rooms. The hotel team will ensure that you do not miss anything. Exclusive environment, elegance and luxury will inspire participating in the event.

Address: Zveju St 18A, Klaipeda

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In the building of National Golf Resort there is a modern conference hall. The air conditioning system will allow you to stay alert even on the hottest day and will assure the splendid quality of your event; there are also window shades and other equipment necessary for conferences. For the participants of the events dinner is served in an elegant restaurant. During coffee breaks guests can marvel at the unique views of the golf course which gives a sense of closeness to nature and comfort. You can combine work and entertainment - you can play golf on the golf-course after work or during breaks. Event participants are invited to the stay in the club's National Golf Resort roomy twin rooms or in apartments with a terrace or in a luxurious villa.
Address: Stančių village, Kretingalės sen.,LT-96332 Klaipėda region, Lithuania

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Rest club SALA Plateliai Resort is located in the heart of Samogitia, in the lagoon of Plateliai lake.

The hotel meets 5 ***** standards (accommodation for up to 40 people). 5 hectare a closed and protected area with infrastructure, a park, a beach, a picnic boat, etc. Spa center with jacuzzi inside and out, sauna complex. Closed and guarded parking lot.

Address: Klaipeda, Zemaiciu Kalvarijos Str, Paezeres Rudaiciu vlg., Plateliai, Plunges district

Sala resort AplinkaSala resort Konferenciju zonaSala resort 4 Sukurine vonia Elingas

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The main idea Švyturio Art Dock is to renovate and adjust a former ship and a nearby quay to be used for cultural activities and other events. This is an open-minded and democratic representative location in Klaipėda, an inseparable part of Klaipėda's image, as special as Teatro square, a physical and symbolic mark and a tourist attraction. Švyturio Art Dock is a new space for all possible activities:music, theatre, cinema, dance, fashion, various festivals, conferences, and educational activities, interdisciplinary projects.
In summer, on the seashore near Švyturio Art Dock, a dynamic leisure entertainment zone is under construction which will be used to organise events in the open air. The outdoor zone will contain a beach volleyball court, a place for plating petanque, sun loungers and hammocks, a library, bars, and a section for holding events.
Address: Naujoji Uosto Str. 3, LT-92120 Klaipėda, Lithuania




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