Vilnius is the capital of the Republic of Lithuania. Naturally, it is the largest city in the country. Current area of Vilnius is 392 square kilometres. Buildings cover 20.2% of the city and the remaining area is prevailed with the greenery (43.9%) and waters (2.1%).


The Old Town, historical centre of Vilnius, is one of the largest in Eastern Europe (360 ha). The most valuable historic and cultural heritage is concentrated here. The buildings in the old town - there are about 1.5 thousand of them - were built in a number of different centuries, therefore, it is a mixture of all European architectural styles. Although Vilnius is often called a baroque city, here you will find some buildings of gothic, renaissance and other styles. The main sights of the city are the Gediminas Castle and the Cathedral Square, symbols of the capital. Their combination is also a gateway to the historic centre of the capital. Because of its uniqueness, the Old Town of Vilnius was inscribed on the UNESCO Worls Heritage List.

Whoever you are – a businessman who has arrived in Vilnius to sign an agreement, a tourist on vacation or an experienced traveller looking for new adventures – several days stay in Vilnius will be sufficient to make you fall in love with this city. It is worth staying in Vilnius longer. However, even if you came only for a weekend, the city will leave a lasting impression on you. Theatre or opera goers, lovers of all-night parties or street carnivals, people who are interested in architecture or those who just like to relax and commune with nature will find something close to their heart in this city.



Vilnius city is situated in South-eastern Lithuania (54°41" north latitude and      25°17" east longitude) at the confluence of the River Vilnele and the River Neris. The distance from Vilnius to the Baltic Sea and  Klaipeda, main Lithuania seaport, is about 312 km. The distance is rather large but other cities such as Kaunas, Siauliai, and Panevezys  can be reached quickly and easily. They are 102, 214 and 135 km off the capital respectively.


 The weather in Lithuania is changeable and bringing major temperature fluctuations. What are our winters like? Not without reason the  French say that Santa Clause is from … Lithuania! – cold winters really happen to come here. However, we also have some extremely  hot summers when the thermometer column shows above thirty degrees throughout the whole day. It is a real joy for owners of bars,  cafés and night clubs as well as for people preferring entertainment: night life in Vilnius is in full swing on such days!..

 Did you know that..

In 2009, Lithuania will celebrate a millennium anniversary of the first mention of Lithuania’s name. Many events are being organised for that occasion, the city will be decorated, and it is planned to complete the restoration of the Grand Ducal Castle in the square of the capital. The Upper (on Gediminas Hill) Castle belonged to the complex of the Grand Ducal Castle and today can be reached by funicular railway.

Almost all styles of architecture can be found in Vilnius, from Gothic to Classical. However, Vilnius is the largest Baroque city, north of the Alps, and is often referred to as “Little Rome”.


Due to its unique historical and architectural features, the Old Town of Vilnius was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. Like all other medieval
cities, Vilnius developed around the Town Hall. The main street, called Pilies Street, connected the Grand Ducal Castle and the Town Hall. Other winding streets of the city led to the mansions of the nobility and landlords, churches, small shops and craftsmen shops. Narrow winding streets and small cosy 
courtyards formed a radial plan of medieval Vilnius. The remains of the impressive medieval construction – a city wall of Vilnius (next to the Bastion, the Gates of Dawn) – can be still seen in several places.


The Cathedral, famous as a masterpiece of Classical architecture, dates back to the times of King Mindaugas. The style of architecture of the building changed with time – from a pagan temple to the main church of Lithuania. In 1985 a treasure was discovered in the wall of the Cathedral, which consisted of ecclesiastic cups, a monstrance, relics and other liturgical items. The treasure of Vilnius Cathedral is the most valuable collection of religious art, part of which can be seen at the exhibition “Christianity in Lithuanian Art”.


 In terms of architecture, Vilnius is a city of churches. There are about 40 churches of different architectural styles in the Old Town. The so-called ‘corner of blazing Gothic’ – the Churches of St  Bernardino and St Anne - attract the most visitors. As many as 33 different shapes of bricks have been used in the construction of the Church of St Anne. It is the subject of a much-quoted  remark, said to have been made by Napoleon, the famous French military leader, when his army occupied Vilnius in 1812, that he would like to be able to place it in the palm of his hand and  take it back with him to Paris.


Multicultural, multinational Vilnius was referred to as the Jerusalem of Lithuania (Yerushalaiyme de Lita). People of different nationalities and creeds peacefully co-exited here, unfortunately, with the passing of time, only one Synagogue has survived out of Vilnius’ 105 synagogues.
In the 16th century Vilnius became an important educational and cultural centre. Vilnius University established by the Jesuits is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. The Old Town campus is arranged around thirteen courtyards, where you can, not only see impressive architectural elements, but also visit the Church of St John the Baptist and the Observatory.


Užupis, a district of Vilnius that enjoys huge popularity among the artists, has been declared an independent republic with its separate authorities and the constitution. Original festivals of the republic of Užupis are held annually there.


The geographical centre of Europe is located not far from Vilnius. According to the French National Geographical Institute, the geographical centre of Europe lies 26 kilometres north of Vilnius, going along the Moletai highway.


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In the new business center there are 5 ultra-modern conference rooms designed for business meetings, presentations, conferences, group and sport lessons and training for the convenience of our clients. The halls accommodate between 8 and 200 people, each equipped with all the necessary multimedia equipment. Possibility to set up chairs and tables in theater, classroom, U or squared form.

The "Čiop Čiop" Event studio, located in the same business center, will complement your meetings with snacks, lunch and coffee breaks. We will prepare snacks for coffee breaks according to your need. In the "Čiop Čiop" Event studio you can order lunch or extend the meeting in an informal setting.

Address: Zalgirio St 135, Vilnius

ciop ciop zalgirio 135 Fasadas small 280x210ciop ciop zalgirio konferenciju centras 135 Holas 1A small1 136x100ciop ciop zalgirio konferenciju centras135 Holas 1A small 136x100

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The Arts Printing House is a performing arts venue and meeting place established in a former printing house dating back to 1585. The premises contain two performance spaces for 60 and 203 people, three rehearsal spaces, offices and a resource library. These spaces can be used for conferences relating to cultural and social issues. The Arts Printing House is located in Vilnius Old Town close to the main tourist sites and the artists' district of Užupis. 

Address: Siltadarzio 6, Vilnius County 01124


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About atsisiųsti

The gallery is located in the very center of Vilnius - Totorių street. Rent two separate 30 and 35 sq.m. space There is also a cozy transition of 15 sq.m. Corridor suitable for coffee / tea breaks.

Address: Totoriu St 5-5, Vilnius

AV17 galerija pagrindine sale1 280x210IMG 9336m 136x100nera laiko 136x100

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logo_24Botanical Garden of Vilnius University is not only the largest garden in Lithuania (total area of 199 hectares) but also has the richest collection of plants: here you can admire about 10,000 taxa of plants. The richest and the most impressive collections are rhododendrons, lilacs, lianas, peonies, dahlias and bulb flowers. Botanical Garden of Vilnius University is also considered to belong to the list of world's heritage objects - a part of the old manor and an Old Park with ponds has survived through centuries and is adapted for visitors in Kairenai.

Airport: 19km

Location: Outer City

Address: Kairenu Str. 43, LT-10239 Vilnius



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Pakrantė is a center for creative industries, established in the outskirts of Vilnius. It is situated in the picturesque area, on the bank of the river Neris, surrounded by pine forests. The interior design has a minimal and neat style which is compatible with the architecture of the building. There are several spaces suitable for small meetings and bigger events, conferences or receptions. The Gallery space can be divided into two separate rooms with a sliding wall.  

Address: Vaidilutes St 79, Vilnius



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“Centro Kubas – Angel”- a small and homey hotel located in the heart of the Old Town, near the Rotuses Square. It was set up in 01131 on Stikliu Street, once famous for the first manual factory. The very convenient location of the hotel makes the most eminent places-Rotuse, the Cathedral, the Hill of Three Crosses, Gediminas Castle and a lot of museums – be reached within a walking distance. 

“Centro Kubas – Angel” hotel is harmoniously combined with the historical context of the town and extends the traditions of Lithuanian past. Our guests will find a lot of restored antique Lithuanian domestic appliances which add to the cosy and peculiar atmosphere. 

Address: Stikliu St 3, Vilnius, LT-01131

ck in 199x3001konf 300x199

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The Conference Centre Dainava is located at the very heart of Vilnius, near the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre and the city’s main street, the Gediminas Avenue. This is the only conference centre in the centre of the city, which is able to host up to 400 conference participants and up to 700 banquet guests. The conference halls are equipped with wireless Internet. The luxuriously equipped conference and banquet halls is a great place for conferences, seminars, trainings, sessions, presentations, meetings, celebrations for the company’s employees and clients, Christmas evenings, prom nights, wedding feasts, personal celebrations, and other events.

Address: Vienuolio 4, Vilnius, Lithuania

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About eLoftHOTELlogostars small

We are located in the Naujamiestis microdistrict, near the Old Town (Senamiestis in Lithuanian) in the heart of Vilnius. The eLoftHOTEL is the first loft-style hotel in Vilnius. Since we first opened our doors in 2001, we have striven to offer quality services and accessible prices that are suitable for all our customers. Our hotel is respectful and family-friendly, and our employees seek to make every guest not just satisfied, but keen to visit us again. 

Address: T. Sevcenkos St 16F, LT-03111 Vilnius

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Farmstead „Tarp Pusu“ is situated in Neris Regional Park, surrounded by the forest of Elniakampis and Lake Neris, welcomes guests all year round. The owners are glad to offer hospitality, beautiful natural surroundings and entertainment to their visitors: Conference/Party room, tennis courts, sports ground, swimming pool, billiard, bikes, ATV and much more only 15 km away from Vilnius.

Address: Vilnius district, Pylimai village



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karviodvaras_logoIn an idyllic country environment, nearby a gorgeous lake, there is a mansion Karvio Dvaras surrounded by old garden trees and picturesque views. Although this event center is situated only 20 km (highway) from the capital Vilnius, it is a quiet and remote place unique in the natural blend of a spectacular landscape and spacious center’s facilities. Karvio Dvaras provides quality service for everyone: those who are willing to celebrate, those who wish productive work, and those who are looking for a peaceful place to relax.

Address: Paezeriu village, Maisiagala, Vilnius district


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Visit Lithuania Conference Division and website provides all the necessary information and guidance that planners and organizers might need.

In our website you can find  convention hotels and  convention venues suitable for any kind of conferences, events, or meetings in all Lithuania.

Our main objectives are the following:

•  Gather information about available conference facilities and services
•  Give objective advice to meeting planners and organizers
•  Assist in conference, business and travel arrangements

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